Planned Parenthood DESERVES to be SHUT DOWN. And no, I’m NOT “anti abortion”.

Normally, I don’t sound off on abortion, because I’m sort of “on my own” when it comes to the concept- I’m neither here nor there on it; in other words, I don’t fall into any specific one “camp”.

My personal sentiment is that it should be legal, I have no objections to it with one caveat- there needs to be respect shown and consideration given to the life of the aborted. What I mean by this is that if someone is continually abusing abortion and using as a contraceptive, they need to be stopped. If the lives of the aborted are not shown respect but are brutally abused and viciously wrested from their humanity IT -MUST- BE STOPPED, Before it progresses further into the abyss that most certainly awaits those who refuse the sanctity of human life.

I have no problem with legal, PROPERLY REGULATED abortion, because otherwise, its going to happen anyway, in back alleys or in doctors offices, and I much prefer it to occur in the latter rather then the former.

All that being said and out of the way, lets talk about Planned Parenthood, what exactly I mean by the brutality of what just came out in the actions of Planned Parenthood and “going into the abyss”, and how I DISAGREE ENTIRELY with MY tax dollar being used to fund it.

First of all, Its inarguable that the founder of planned parenthood, one Margaret Sanger, was an avid Eugenics proponent. Eugenics is the idea that mankind needs to “weed out” the “undesirables” and was based on principles that a “proper” society should not be “burdened with the weight of supporting” them. Sounds ever so compassionate and humane, doesn’t it?

Sanger is quoted on numerous occasions as saying things supporting directly this very thing. Just look it up, its all over the web.

Those that may think that its unfair to demonize Sanger for these things need to remember that they do not have the prerogative to their own facts, and while they certainly may have their own opinions; their opinions should not be the basis for forcing my tax dollar to fund Sangers’ twisted shit of a “legacy”.

To take this further, the obviously biased and clear attempt to white wash Sanger as per the wikipedia entry available as of this day claims that Sanger was against the Nazi use of eugenics. What a joke. I hope the drooling idiot SJW loser who warped that entry realizes how poorly this reflects on Wikipedia and how people who actually know the history of the facts see it as nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to support Planned Parenthood in its hour of need. Wikipedia has been a biased joke from act one anyway, when it comes to just about anything politically controversial. I deliberately avoid using Wikipedia as a source for anything of this nature.

The attempt to divorce Sanger from the ultimate outcome of eugenics is self-evidently contradictory, and as while leftists in Europe and America who previously embraced the pseudo- science of Eugenics may have been aghast at the ultimate expression of their fellow National Socialists’ ( yes, the Nazis WERE IN FACT socialists ) form of eugenics ultimately turning into the holocaust, it all started out in the very same manner as any Eugenics proponent of that era would embrace, via Action T4.

Action T4 encompassed euthanasia of “the unfit”, and the euthanasia of children, among other atrocities, and its funny to me that when the Nazis did it, it is rightly referred to as such, as an atrocity, but when Sanger says that the same people are “human waste” :

” Our failure to segregate morons who are increasing and multiplying … demonstrates our foolhardy and extravagant sentimentalism … [Philanthropists] encourage the healthier and more normal sections of the world to shoulder the burden of unthinking and indiscriminate fecundity of others; which brings with it, as I think the reader must agree, a dead weight of human waste. ”  -“The Pivot of Civilization” -Sanger

And then advocates the exact same principle as the Nazis forcefully implemented in Action T4, in other words, the elimination of “undesirables”, lest they “dominate”:

“Instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world, it tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant … We are paying for, and even submitting to, the dictates of an ever-increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.” -“A Plan for Peace” -Sanger

Of course, SHE gets a PASS from the left today. Honestly, the leftist hypocrisy is just…… astounding, on all levels. Ain’t it?

Here’s where things get dark to my own way of thinking. Action T4 ultimately resulted in the introduction of technology for mass murder. It was in fact via progression of Action T4 that the Nazis came to find the “convenience” of mass gassing human beings to death. If it were NOT for the idea of Eugenics, and its avid proponents, among them former President Woodrow Wilson AND Sanger, the Nazis may have never found such a technological solution to their goals of mass extermination of their “undesirables”. If the idea of the euthanization of undesirables could lead to THAT in Germany, what could it lead to here if left unchecked?

And while I’m not going so far as to suggest that Planned Parenthood will lead to a holocaust or that Sanger was the equivalent of Mengele, they sure as shit got alot of the same ideas from the same place- Eugenics.

And now, for the convince of those who demand their “free” shit, the insidiously moronic left refuses to put the brakes on Planned Parenthood.

America, you should be ashamed.

You should be ashamed that this foul practitioner of Eugenics is sensationalized as a modern feminist hero while she was no more or less supporting the very thing that the bloody nazi regime got its start at mass murder with.

You should be ashamed because you refuse to recognize how out of bounds planned parenthood went with respect to recent revelations as to how they treat aborted babies.

You should be ashamed that morons who refuse to acknowledge the facts surrounding this institution and its founder have the collective power to abuse government to force We The People to fund this sickness.

This truly is becoming a downright “idiocracy”; where a majority of indoctrinated morons can abuse the democratic process to support any ridiculousness -or outright EVIL- they think will result in them getting a feeding place at the trough of the public coffer.

And, if this doesn’t stop, history shows where its logical end “progression” may go.

But….. FORWARD……derp!

Caliber wars, and Why the .40 S&W?


I’ve been wanting to vent my opinion for awhile now on this.
Here is my totally layperson, non professional, less then 2 cents worth on the whole handgun caliber thing-

Firstly, caliber debates are pointless, because in all the debating, never is the actual needs of the individual held into account, its always “use this cause its best” and thats just all backwards. The abilities of the shooter and their particular needs are what counts above caliber.

Your needs, and not what someone else says, even if they are a dyed in the wool expert, are whats paramount.
I’d rather my wife, who is disabled, have the little .22LR Bobcat she can actually carry and use well, then anything she can’t, and yes, I know a well placed .22 beats a miss with a .44 any day.

But for me, my choice is .40S&W.

Here’s why- first of all, we all know that .40 has more recoil, generally, then both the .45 and 9mm, but this isn’t and doesn’t always have to be the case, as the greatest aspect of the caliber, in my VERY humble opinion, is that you can choose loads closer to 9mm or choose loads closer to .45 in weight. Many differing manufacturers also load their ammo to differing power levels as well. For example- Barnes TAC-XPD 140gr all copper HP. These are the very same projectiles made famous by CorBon, but loaded into defensive handgun ammunition by Barnes themselves. They are not loaded as hot as CorBon would load them, meaning they are much milder (yet they still manage to expand to over .75 (!) or more and penetrate 12 or so inches in tests).

These make an excellent load for my subcompact Rami .40.

You can get perfectly serviceable loads in 135gr-140gr weights or so that recoil no more then hot 9mm loads, you know, the loads everyone says make 9mm worthwhile again, or you can go heavy -up to 200gr- which, BTW, was what JMB originally designed the .45 acp as. (the Army wanted it a bit heavier, hence 230gr.), and you CAN get that heavy while maintaining some semblance of velocity, just look over at Double Tap’s loads.

So, you can have a load that will do everything a hot loaded 9mm with a modern defensive projectile will do, WITHOUT having to go to +p or +p+ pressure levels, with slightly more surface area both before and after expansion, AND the .40 still reserves the ability to launch heavier bullets that are plenty competitive with .45acp.

You can literally run your .40 like a 9, or like a .45, or somewhere in between.

Speaking of heavier bullets, this is something thats totally confounded me- even with modern defensive ammo, how is it that the lightweight 9mm loads are “just as good as” the heavier, bigger, and every bit just as modern loads in the larger calibers, when 9mm hasn’t gained any weight, and greater weight maintains momentum in a straighter path, longer? Shot placement is great, but even if you do your job and get excellent placement, if your lighter bullet is more easily deflected during terminal ballistics, and doesn’t “stay the course” in the target to the point where it becomes unpredictable where the bullet will actually go, then all the great shot placement in the world wont help.

Lightweight bullets are well known for exhibiting this phenomena and the bigger heavier bullets with greater sectional density tend to penetrate living animals (including people) which are made of all sorts of stuff besides gel in a straight line. Straight line penetration is aided and abetted by greater mass and sectional density. Doing the math, the 180gr .40 actually has greater sectional density then comparable weight .45 acp loads. This is an advantage over the 9mm that cannot be ignored if shot placement is all that really counts in defensive handgun shooting.

Somehow, the entire debate -including the position of the FBI with its recent choice to go back to the 9mm from the .40- has simply brushed this important issue aside, and I think its done a huge disservice to the shooting public.

Folks, the 9mm europellet is simply NOT the equal of larger calibers. Just ask yourself- if you had only one handgun in the world, and it could only be chambered for one of the three major calibers (9,.40,.45), and you were looking at a 500lb bear trying to do you and yours harm, which would you choose? The light, easily deflected by bone and over reliant on velocity for penetration (velocity, which we know by physics, that bleeds off much faster from lower mass projectiles) 9mm? Or would you want a heavier, deeper penetrating bullet that will actually have the oomph to get the job done?

I AM aware that humans aren’t bears, but when the whole argument is predicated on “9mm being just as good as…….” .

Its not folks. Not even close.

The argument about wear and tear on guns is interesting.

While I can agree that the experts are certainly -experts- on this in that they shoot tens of thousands of rounds a year through their pistols, I don’t think I’d ever be able to afford to shoot my gun into the round count ranges of said experts. So maybe they have seen stuff I haven’t I don’t know, but what I DO know is that there are certain measurements that can aid us mere laymen in understanding whats going on here.

First, there’s bolt thrust.

It is true that the .40’s bolt thrust approaches the 10mm, but its nowhere near that of the thrust of the .357 Sig, and handguns made for 9mm these days are usually designed around .40 first (maybe even .357 Sig first in models that come chambered for that excellent cartridge?)  THEN they are “down chambered” to 9, as I understand it to be the story with my personal carry weapon, meaning that these guns are MADE for the stresses of .40 ammo (or .357 Sig), even alot of your 9mm guns are overbuilt these days for higher pressure calibers. (you 9 guys can thank us now for your tougher guns lol).

Bolt thrust being what it is (a good way to measure wear and tear on a gun that any given caliber may inflict), another measurement is the operating chamber pressure of different rounds. 9mm and .40 are similar if not exactly the same. With one caveat- a lot of the 9mm thermonuclear, “just as good as the big boys” loads are actually +p or even +p+ levels, which develop MORE pressure then .40 loads that perform just as good or better! In other words, thats an INCREASE in the overall stress in BOTH pressure and thrust on your gun when you run the 9mm +p stuff, when .40 doesn’t -need- +p loads to do its job!

So I just don’t get it how modern firearms designed for .40 (and even .357 Sig) are wearing out so much faster then 9mm pistols, but, again, I’m no expert this is just my view of the matter based on things I think are pretty much self explanatory.
In any case, I really do not believe that .40 caliber guns are going to wear so dramatically faster then any other gun that this is a factor for anyone but the elite in the shooting world.
Unless, of course, it is a model originally designed around 9mm which was then “up chambered” for the .40 (Glock, Beretta, and the .40 Hi Power come directly to mind.). This is exactly what happened when .40 came out, and this is likely where the “increased wear on guns” thing comes from. Manufacturers simply tried to fit .40 in their pre-existing designs for 9mm guns. Needless to say, it didn’t work out great. I do not know whether each manufacturer has redesigned their particular offerings to rectify this, but I do know that any that haven’t at this point are way behind the curve.
As said above, however, the vast majority of guns actually designed since the introduction of the .40 were built for the .40, THEN down chambered for the 9mm.

As well, bolt thrust is certainly much greater in a .40 vs. a .45, which operates at much less chamber pressure AND less bolt thrust then EITHER the 9, .357 Sig, or the .40.

Perhaps those people who are most concerned about wearing out their guns should consider that.

But yes, .40 S&W most likely does stress a gun out more then 9mm. And more then .380 acp, for that matter. The flip side to this coin is that if your NOT a pro, if you don’t have limitless funds to burn up tens of thousands of rounds of ammo, AND your not dumb enough to go over to armslist and buy someones early model .40 caliber pistol, .40 gives the average end user a lot of versatility as I mentioned above in the vast variety of projectile weight and power levels they come loaded in. In other words, your not stuck with a 180gr load clocking 900-1000fps, you have options. AND the wear and tear you may inflict with a milder .40 load would likely not do much more damage then the 9mm, by fiat of logical reasoning.

Last note on this is that you need to put the amount of ammo in perspective which would result in being able to wear out a gun by sheer cost $$$ alone.

How many private folks really have the thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars to spend a year on ammo alone?

Getting into shorter barrels, has anyone ever seen the difference in performance between .40 and .45acp when the tubes are abbreviated?

.40 outshines .45 there.

And as we all know it certainly outclasses the .45 in magazine capacity.(flip side, we also know, is that 9mm holds more).

Lastly, the reason 9mm has a bad rap as a stopper, is mostly due to its FMJ configuration. I don’t think anyone can argue this. 9mm ball sucks.

So, if this were the end times, and all hell were upon us, wouldn’t you want a caliber with a better FMJ profile?
After all, the sheer cost and complexity of modern defensive loads are subject to the fact that they REQUIRE a certain degree of professional manufacturing, while people could make simple ball loads at home as well as finding them locally just about anywhere.
Conversely, there are folks who simply cannot afford the latest and greatest whiz bang thermonuclear loads for anything, they cannot afford to train with it and they cannot afford to keep any meaningful stock of it.

And if the grabbers ever get more violations of that which shall not be infringed, resulting in magazine capacity restrictions?

Some folks in the shooting world today weren’t there when that happened the first time, or, they were exempted because they are/were LEO/military. Granted, there’s been huge advancements in ammunition technology since, but you’d be hard pressed to argue that 10 rounds of 9mm is equal to 10 rounds of anything bigger. If, g-d forbid, the hoplophobes take away all the “happy sticks” and even ban conventional magazines that pack the large payload of what you can get today in a 9mm size package, then that advantage automatically evaporates for the 9mm.

It -has- happened before folks, so you might want to reconsider spending all your time mastering the europellet, and step up to the plate and learn to handle a bigger bore.

And look at New Jersey, where you cannot “legally” use the modern JHPs! If you think thats not something grabbers would gleefully foist on the rest of the entire nation, you don’t know the grabbers as well as you should.

Hence, “.4 or more” would still be the rule under austere circumstances of any sort. I don’t think anyone would argue the king of FMJ handgun rounds would be .45 acp, despite that projectile’s profile being more rounded, but I can’t imagine the .40 ball loads being much worse.

But that 9mm FMJ…. guys… sheesh. It sucks. Period. And you know it. Even the military, in its current quest to replace the cold war era 9mm Beretta 92, knows it, thats why they’re talking about using JHP because likely, they’ll stick to the europellet in their new side arms for logistical reasons. (the Hauge accord, the reason why conventional wisdom says the military uses ball ammo, is another issue, and I aint a lawyer.)

Personally, I maintain a decent stock of defensive ammo, but when it comes to my “zombie stash” thats got to be bought cheap and piled high, I just cant see how a 165gr .40 projectile with a flat nose doing over 1,000 fps wouldn’t be vastly superior in wounding characteristics then even the hottest round nosed 9mm ball.

IMHO, there is nothing wrong with 9mm- it certainly does have its own strengths and weaknesses; the small,single stack CCW pistols chambered in 9mm work well for their intended purpose (just ask George Zimmerman) and I can’t imagine a better, more controllable SMG round. And I really don’t think the rest of the world will be moving away from it as their standard in pistol calibers any time soon, meaning neither will NATO nor our military……….. but just because the fickle feebies gave up on their .40 because most of the bureaucrats they hire these days seem to have limper wrists then days of yore, doesn’t mean that the endeavor which created the .40 wasn’t entirely worthwhile in and of itself and did not, in fact, result in gifting we of the shooting populace with a pretty darn good, modern, alternative to low capacity guns with big as my thumb bullets or zippy little europellets.

I’m not able to afford multiple guns and when my .40 can do pretty much what a 9 AND a .45 can do, it truly makes up for all its shortcomings.

It comes in easily handled 9mm size guns with high capacity magazines and its performance is indisputably unique to itself while still being competitively comparable to -BOTH- 9mm and .45acp. It truly is the best of both worlds. No, I cannot out shoot experts who can afford tens of thousands of rounds worth of training expenditure or whomever thats currently on the 9mm bandwagon, nor do I dispute their personal findings in why they choose the 9mm over all others, but that being said, I’m not them. My needs are different. So are my opinions.

So, do yourself a favor- spend some time with the bigger bores, they’re still worth the lead their ammo is made of.

Lets just jump right in, shall we?

I’d like to start by issuing my one and only “trigger warning” to all the liberal trolls and other feint-hearted SJW pussies who might get ass hurt over what I have to say.

You will not like my blog.

This is because I believe in America, I do not believe your tripe about how America is uniquely evil in world history and I think your attempt to warp said history to make it appear as such is easily debunked bullshit of the smelliest grade.

I believe my right of freedom of speech is not subject to your pathetic thin skin and Orwellian politically correct speech codes.

You can, quite literally, kiss the hairiest part of my ass.

I’ve sat and watched as you people literally elected a low rent half Kenyan, half Marxist pimp to the oval office who thinks its his prerogative to reinvent my nation to your desires.

“Americas first black president” being your rallying cry; the “historic moment” when a President of these United States was elected merely because of the color of his skin, yet anyone and everyone who doesn’t drink deep of the kool aid are the “racists”.

I’ve watched this administration lie, cheat, steal and get away with it.

I cant remember ever seeing such a lawless administration.

I’ve seen how the answer to any opposition was to attempt to silence it, as well.


In order that you could achieve the single party banana republic you want, how you’ve thrown open the flood gates to the third world and to hell with the violence and murder this has wrought on your fellow Americans. You could care less, as long as your objective of literally undermining the process of democracy -the vote- in this nation is achieved and you get tens of millions of new third worlders voting for progressive socialist re-distributive policies promulgated by Marxist politicians into the distant future, in a cynical and blatant ploy to drown out the voters in this nation -like myself- who are sick and damned tired of your anti- American bullshit.


I’ve seen you import the vicious, hateful thugs that murder my fellow Americans and claim that those who oppose such are the hatemongers.

And then you wonder why we wont agree to more “gun control”?


……More on the issue of “gun control” will be sure to follow, because the FACT is, we will -NOT- be disarmed in the face of such a lawless, anti-American, RACIST government.

To put a cap to this first post, I’d like to address one of the biggest LIES you scum have ever told, that your not socialists .

You ARE.

You ARE socialists , and whats more, its crystal clear as a blue sky dawn.

Your not fooling anyone anymore, and in my humble opinion, you are EXACTLY what Cicero warns about in this quote:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

I can’t imagine a better description of so-called “liberals”, who are really:


Commie rat bastards.

So I will be dedicating some time when I have it, when I’m not SLAVING to fill the tax quotas of your re-distributive progressive income tax, to the general mischief and insanity you purvey.

Last warning. This is a private blog and my thoughts are my own, I have the human right to express them and that preexisting human right is protected by the Constitution of the United States.

“Liberal” MARXISTS will not like my blog. AND your NOT welcome to comment, your horseshit will be deleted immediately. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. You censor shit all the time, so don’t whine now when it happens to you.

FINAL warning.

You just won’t like me much, so go on back to your HufflePuffle, Salon echo chambers, where your little feelings wont be hurt……

Because I fully intend to speak my own mind.